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company news about How to choose a projector?

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China Shenzhen Flyin Technology Co.,Limited certification
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I rarely comment, but this time I had to. I can't spend a lot on a projector and Julia recommended this for me. I received the projector three days after it was shipped and I can't wait to take it apart. It looks even better than the picture. The projection effect is also great. I had a great shopping experience this time, so much thank Julia

—— Madison

SZFLYIN projector is best of quality. It's worth every penny. We use it almost everynight. Picture quality is very best. Vibrant colors and easy-to-adjust angles. We stream everything. Volume and speaker quality are much better than I expected. We projected the film onto our fence, which was 6 feet tall and least 20 feet . This projector is perfect


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Company News
How to choose a projector?
Latest company news about How to choose a projector?
How to choose a projector?

First of all, what everyone needs to determine is what to buy a projector for,

Is it for business or entertainment?

For example, if you choose interactive whiteboard projection for business applications, you can save the cost of purchasing an electronic whiteboard, which is very cost-effective for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Second, be clear about the focus of your choice.
It is also a business projector. If you can often use projection products in different occasions, you should naturally choose products with a portable concept, including functions such as quick shutdown or PC-free projection.
If it is used for hoisting, as long as the function is strong and the maintenance cycle is long, it is more suitable,

Again, determine your budget range. Due to the particularity of the projector industry, many businesses will use false information to advertise, Buy a car for the money of a cup of coffee,Is this possible?. You can compare the prices of Epson, and other brands to find and determine the budget


Look at the important parameters Generally speaking, the resolution and brightness of the projector are the most fundamental requirements.
For home use, contrast and color effects are more important;
The lamp life of entertainment projectors is very worthy of attention, and business projectors emphasize stability.
If the function is more humanized, we have specially designed smart series,
1. The choice of brightness
For business projectors, the brightness requirements are relatively high, because the light in the conference room is relatively sufficient. If the brightness is not enough, it will affect the picture effect, and if it is serious, it will directly affect the quality of the meeting, but then again, the projector is not brightness. The higher the better, the best choice is on demand. Generally, the brightness of a medium-sized conference room with about 40 or 50 people should be above 3500 lumens, while the choice of 2000 to 3000 lumens for 20 to 30 people can be satisfied.
Home projectors have lower requirements for brightness. This is mainly related to the use environment of the home projector. Because most home projectors are used to enjoy movies, and movies are generally enjoyed in a dark room, too high brightness will make the eyes feel uncomfortable.
2. The choice of contrast
Home projector: Since it is mainly used to enjoy movies, in order to express every detail of the movie vividly, the projector needs to have a strong level of expression, that is, excellent black level performance.
Business projector: The business machine is mainly used to demonstrate some text, tables and PPT and other documents, so the requirement for contrast is strong contrast on the same screen, and the image display is sharp and clear.
3. The choice of resolution

Projector resolution refers to the number of pixels contained in an image. The more the number of pixels, the higher the resolution, the more detailed the displayed graphics, and the more perfect the picture. In terms of resolution, the common resolution of business projectors is XGA. (1024×768), WXGA (1280x800), etc. Among them, XGA-level products are affordable, while wide-screen products have a better visual experience.
Common resolutions for home projectors on the market include 720P (1280×720) and 1080P (1920×1080), which are HD and Full HD.
However, there are also acts of falsely labeling low-resolution into high-resolution on the market. Unethical merchants abound. As the saying goes: "you get what you get for every penny", and it is you who are greedy for cheapness in the end.
Our company promises never to make false bids,

4. Weight selection

Home projector: Since most of them choose fixed installation, the weight requirements are not very high. Business projector: If you need to go out frequently, it is best to choose a projector under 2 kg, which is easier to carry. on the contrary,
There is no need for excessive weight requirements.

5. Choose the brand and look at the after-sale service

A good brand can directly determine the projector's product quality, brand integrity, service policy, service network coverage and other factors, and these are closely related to the projector in the future use process. Choosing a good brand means choosing a good after-sales service. Therefore, when buying a projector, it is especially necessary to buy a good after-sales service, which is still determined by the technical content and cost of the projector itself.
As determined by the higher, its maintenance and repair needs to be supported by a professional service team. Only by choosing a good after-sales service can better save the cost of later use.
Before our projectors leave the factory,
a. Quality control before leaving the factory: After the projector is assembled and produced, the projector will pass a number of quality inspections such as color test, voltage test, life test, brightness test, etc., and it can be sold after passing the test!
b. Every batch of our projectors will be sampled to ensure the quality,
c. Our projectors have CE, CCC, CQC, CB, PCT, PSE, ETL and other certificates and can be exported to various countries.
d. Our projectors provide 1-3 years after-sales service according to chip type and light source type. As long as there is a quality problem, we will replace the parts or the whole machine free of charge, and other problems will also accept paid maintenance.
e. Our projectors have been exported to more than 80 countries, with an annual sales of 10 million yuan. We are your trusted brand.

6. Look at the function and humanized operation

Keystone correction function, top light change, quick switch on and off, black and white board function, PIN lock protection, plateau mode, picture-in-picture and many other practical functions are designed to make the operation of the machine much more convenient. In addition, there are many machines on the market with One-button intelligent operation function, (KuleTV projector) only needs to turn on the power, it can automatically adjust the projection angle, signal detection, vertical keystone correction and focus adjustment, users should also consider more when purchasing a machine equipment in this regard.
In addition, in terms of use, good user-friendly functions will bring you a better application experience, including reducing the waiting time and reducing the number of maintenance problems, which can be easily solved. A good projector is usually not inferior to LCD display.
The above are the basic skills of buying a projector
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