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Nearly 10,000 square meters of super large light and shadow visual exhibition hall - FLYIN Laser Projectors

China Shenzhen Flyin Technology Co.,Limited certification
China Shenzhen Flyin Technology Co.,Limited certification
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I rarely comment, but this time I had to. I can't spend a lot on a projector and Julia recommended this for me. I received the projector three days after it was shipped and I can't wait to take it apart. It looks even better than the picture. The projection effect is also great. I had a great shopping experience this time, so much thank Julia

—— Madison

SZFLYIN projector is best of quality. It's worth every penny. We use it almost everynight. Picture quality is very best. Vibrant colors and easy-to-adjust angles. We stream everything. Volume and speaker quality are much better than I expected. We projected the film onto our fence, which was 6 feet tall and least 20 feet . This projector is perfect


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Nearly 10,000 square meters of super large light and shadow visual exhibition hall - FLYIN Laser Projectors

June 13, 2022
Latest company case about Nearly 10,000 square meters of super large light and shadow visual exhibition hall - FLYIN Laser Projectors

"SPART Black Image Vision" visual art space integrates visual experience, entertainment interaction, and holographic theater. It has a super large light and shadow visual exhibition hall of nearly 10,000 square meters, dozens of surreal themed exhibition halls, and a total of 207 sets of FLYIN Brand laser projection equipment. , in a changeable form to build a beautiful, beyond imagination fantasy world.

In this light and shadow art palace, the laser display is no longer just the presenter of art, but the art itself. In the cold and windy outside, the museum is full of flowers, and the magic world of light and shadow is difficult to distinguish between reality and reality. Everyone is a magician who can control light and shadow. "Hui" flies and "face" disappears at the click of a finger, and "wind" grows under his feet when he acts.

Secret Flower Sea: The World of Flowers

Have you heard the sound of flowers blooming?

Into this flowery world
The sky is full of flowers
Flowers bloom, at my feet, at my fingertips
more at heart

Fingertips run across the wall, bringing a breeze

showers of flowers falling
Pave a colorful flower road under your feet
Flowers make beautiful wishes for you

Touching "Light": The Great Magician

Leap of Light
in the quiet forest
Several bird's nest trampolines are surrounded by flowers and plants
In every bird's nest lies an egg
Each jump will hatch a different animal

Flow of light

A thin stream of water flows down from the ceiling with the moonlight
flowers bloom in the gap
red flowers
Flower and water, surface and line, blend and regenerate

Who said waterfalls have to be thunderous?

in this little world
The tenderness of water lingers in everyone's heart

Hit of light

Kids' Favorite Ocean Balls
Surrounded by 360 degrees in a fairytale fantasy
The birds and beasts that have been stroked by their hands sing softly
And the unfortunate bird who gets hit by the ball will break his wing and get injured.
precious life
Even if it is virtual, children should be guided to pay attention;

Zodiac Wall: Ink and Wash

Zodiac culture is an inseparable part of Chinese people's bones and blood
Demonstrate with ink and wash that is also an excellent Chinese culture
Couldn't be more appropriate

Holographic Theater: Through the Looking Glass

A holographic stage built with holographic technology as the core

Real-life interpretation in a virtual environment
Beautiful as a mirror

The story of "Snow White" is familiar

Under the interpretation of the holographic stage
A little more flavor
Unprecedented viewing experience
This is going to be the best Snow White you'll ever see

The "SPART Black Map Vision" visual art space project, the large scene projection that catches the eye, and the creation of an immersive space, are very shocking. It's like arming the entire project with laser display products, leaving no corner behind. All kinds of projection interactions emerge in an endless stream, with unlimited creativity and meaning of life, allowing children to cultivate cognition and entertaining through play.

The project selected 207 full HD mainstream engineering projectors, equipped with 0.42:1 and 0.55:1 lenses, which are convenient for flexible use in different scenarios. FLYIN projectors support 24/7 continuous work and a light source life of 20,000 hours, which is very suitable for scenes such as art galleries that require continuous display throughout the day. The 360-degree omni-directional installation feature meets special creative needs and adapts to various venue environments.

Accurate and brilliant color performance and clear and delicate picture effects give this light and shadow art exhibition the most powerful guarantee. In the cold winter, you can feel the fragrance of birds and flowers and the interlacing of time and space indoors. Young people are busy taking pictures and posting to their circle of friends. Parents and children have forgotten the time to play together. This colorful and dreamy art museum has conquered many experiencers with its ingenious creativity and realism.

Chasing light and shadow, using laser display technology to create the most unrestrained dream. Changchun Eurasia Collection on the 4th floor, waiting for you to explore~

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