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Revitalize small spaces and create big scenes, FLYIN unlocks new ways to play in corporate exhibition halls

China Shenzhen Flyin Technology Co.,Limited certification
China Shenzhen Flyin Technology Co.,Limited certification
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I rarely comment, but this time I had to. I can't spend a lot on a projector and Julia recommended this for me. I received the projector three days after it was shipped and I can't wait to take it apart. It looks even better than the picture. The projection effect is also great. I had a great shopping experience this time, so much thank Julia

—— Madison

SZFLYIN projector is best of quality. It's worth every penny. We use it almost everynight. Picture quality is very best. Vibrant colors and easy-to-adjust angles. We stream everything. Volume and speaker quality are much better than I expected. We projected the film onto our fence, which was 6 feet tall and least 20 feet . This projector is perfect


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Revitalize small spaces and create big scenes, FLYIN unlocks new ways to play in corporate exhibition halls

June 13, 2022
Latest company case about Revitalize small spaces and create big scenes, FLYIN unlocks new ways to play in corporate exhibition halls

Revitalize small spaces and create big scenes, FLYIN unlocks new ways to play in corporate exhibition halls



With the quiet application of multimedia technology, the display methods of the enterprise exhibition hall are more novel, and have a strong sense of technology and interaction. With the style of the enterprise, it can interpret the cultural concept and development direction of a successful enterprise to the greatest extent.

Recently, FLYIN selected  10 laser projectors to create a laser display exhibition hall scheme for a company. The immersive CAVE exhibition area provides a good reference for the application of immersive scenes in the exhibition hall to activate small spaces. The rich and changing themes are interpreted through customized content, and the immersive wrapping experience of the four walls is used to show the corporate image and strength to the visiting corporate customers to the greatest extent.

short throw big picture

Immersion in small spaces

In this project, the exhibition area that needs to be transformed into a CAVE space is small, the projection distance is short, and the projector installation space is limited. FLYIN  selects mainstream engineering projectors with a 0.55:1 short-throw lens to complete large-screen projection within a short distance. Large off-axis design, the machine does not need to be hoisted very low when hoisting, it will not occupy the already narrow space, and avoid mutual interference between machines, making it easier to use in small spaces.


Low noise Low loss

Long-term efficient and stable operation

The brightness of the laser light source will gradually decrease with the increase of use time. The projector adopts a long-lasting modular laser module, the image color and brightness attenuation are small, and the high image quality can be maintained for a long time. The 20,000-hour light source life supports 7*24 Hour Working, and is not afraid of daily high-frequency use in corporate exhibition halls.

The light source and optical engine are fully enclosed, the protection level of the core components reaches IP68, and the lens part is also dust-proof, which realizes the ultimate dust-proof effect of the light engine part, makes the optical materials work stably for a long time, and ensures the long-term performance of the projector. runs stably.

It has the functions of keystone correction and Conner Keystone correction, which can realize the optimization and fine-tuning of the picture only through a simple remote control operation, which is more convenient for the splicing and fusion of multiple pictures.

high brightness quasi-color

The ultimate picture expression

Precise and brilliant color performance and clear and delicate picture texture are the most powerful guarantees for immersive effects. Depending on the high brightness and high dynamic contrast ratio of the projector, it presents a clear and soft picture texture. The laser color gamut is wide, the color reproduction is high, and the vivid colors bring stunning picture expression.

The telecentric optical path design improves the brightness uniformity to 90%-95%, which can keep the color and brightness of the entire projected image in good consistency, and the image is more delicate. The 360-degree surround projection of the CAVE exhibition hall brings a shocking visual experience.

The corporate exhibition hall is like a unique scenery line and a connotative image ambassador, which invisibly enhances the competitive soft power of the company. The immersive CAVE exhibition hall breaks the traditional design concept and maximizes the transmission of information by allowing visitors to fully devote themselves to watching, even in a small space, it can easily create a "big scene"


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