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Dome Cinema Construction Solution

China Shenzhen Flyin Technology Co.,Limited certification
China Shenzhen Flyin Technology Co.,Limited certification
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I rarely comment, but this time I had to. I can't spend a lot on a projector and Julia recommended this for me. I received the projector three days after it was shipped and I can't wait to take it apart. It looks even better than the picture. The projection effect is also great. I had a great shopping experience this time, so much thank Julia

—— Madison

SZFLYIN projector is best of quality. It's worth every penny. We use it almost everynight. Picture quality is very best. Vibrant colors and easy-to-adjust angles. We stream everything. Volume and speaker quality are much better than I expected. We projected the film onto our fence, which was 6 feet tall and least 20 feet . This projector is perfect


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Dome Cinema Construction Solution

May 31, 2022
Latest company case about Dome Cinema Construction Solution

The dome theater is also known as the dome theater, and its hemispherical dome includes the audience's perspective in the screen. The screen covers the audience like a reduced sky, and the hemispherical screen completely covers the top of the audience, so that almost all the audience's eyes go are vivid, colorful and realistic movie pictures.
With its unique visual impact and surround sound effect, the dome screen theater brings a strong sense of immersion and experience to the audience, making the audience feel like they are in it. It can recognize the secrets and history of the universe; sometimes it is a cell, which can penetrate into the microscopic world of animals and plants; sometimes it is like riding a time machine back to the distant past to walk with dinosaurs, or it can come to the distant future to experience the technological life of the future. .

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>>Overall design idea

▶ Close to the needs of users | The design of this system is close to the needs of users. Through all-round communication with users, on the basis of fully understanding the needs of users, the design of the system has a friendly, intuitive and easy-to-operate Chinese menu. This playback system is a combination of dome screen player software and dome screen high-definition video, in which the high-definition video content will be seamlessly integrated into the dome screen, and the dome video can be played at any time through PAD control.

▶ Ease of use | The entire dome screen playback system has powerful, sensitive, reasonable and convenient interactive performance, which can fully grasp the operation of the system in a very short time, so that the operator can quickly adapt.

▶ Reliability | The system runs stably and reliably. The company's dome screen playback system adopts HP high-performance graphics workstation. HP's excellent quality provides a guarantee for system reliability.

▶ Easy to maintain and manage | Although the projection system chooses high-end products from internationally renowned manufacturers in equipment selection, the equipment maintenance management must provide international manufacturers' domestic warranty and comprehensive technical support after the system is delivered.

▶ Openness | In line with international standards, it can accept international standard media formats, which is convenient for international exchanges in the industry. It can exchange data with many other formats, such as: BMP, JPG, PNG, DDS, AVI, MPEG, MOV, MP4, WMV, RM, RMVB, etc. At the same time, it can also integrate special film resources such as dome screens around the world to provide users with rich program sources.


>>Technology involved in the project


▶ Spherical projection and geometric correction technology;

▶ Stitching edge fusion technology;

▶ Ultra-high resolution graphic image geometry correction technology;

▶ The sound transmission and imaging technology of professional dome screen;

▶ Dome cinema sound design technology;

▶ Production technology of large resolution dome film


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>>Dome Cinema Architecture and Composition

▶ Dome screen system

▶ Dome projection system

▶ Dome splicing and fusion system

▶ Digital dome playback system

▶ Central control system

▶ Sound system

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Screen system: The canopy in the dome theater adopts a steel frame structure, and the whole is a polygonal frame without welding screws to ensure the uniform force and tension of the entire canopy, and to control the overall deformation. The entire dome is a precise dome. It has good reflectivity, sound absorption effect and good cleanability, and can display a variety of programs with projection system and sound system.

Dome installation: horizontal or inclined

Dome projection splicing system: using multiple projectors splicing technology scheme, the picture after splicing is completely seamless and flawless.

Dome splicing and fusion system: The effective display screen projected by each projection unit of the dome screen to the screen is divided into irregular picture shapes by geometric segmentation, and the overlapping area of ​​adjacent projections is also an unplanned geometric shape. Different areas involve bilateral superposition, or even the superposition of more projection light paths. Conventional fusion technology is far from meeting such requirements. In this solution, our solution is to split and model the fusion area according to the projection space and screen topology, and independently debug the brightness attenuation algorithms in different fusion areas.

Surround stereo sound system: Adopt international top brand sound system, with specially designed sound source equalization speaker system, so that the volume and sound quality of each place in the theater are the same, and the audience can enjoy the same quality sound effect no matter where they sit.



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